Thursday, September 22, 2011

High School Art on Display, Fall 2010

 I had the absolute pleasure of student teaching alongside a very talented and experienced high school art instructor, Olsen Ross.  What a great program in the visual arts!  The students were fantastic and inspired, and I wish them nothing but the absolute best!  Below are some images of student work from the lessons that I created and implemented during my time at Shades Valley Technical Academy..
Esme, Freshman. Graphite, watercolor. 18"x24".
Handscape Assignment

Anna, Senior. Colored pencil, graphite. 18"x24".
Handscape Assignment

Maggie, Senior. Photograpy. Three pieces, each photograph 18"x24".
Mixed Media Triptych Assignment

Melissa, Junior. Colored pencil, watercolor. 18"x24".
Handscape Assignment

Samuel, Senior. Ball point pen, India ink. Two pieces, each 18"x24".
Mixed Media Diptych Assignment

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