Thursday, March 14, 2013

Clay Week

It's that time again, playing with clay for every grade and every day for a week (plus one day)!  The kiddos love it, though I confess that after day three, realizing that you have three more days to go... whew, it's a labor of love!  
I started this last year, as the PTO helped fund for our brand new and beautiful kiln.  I schedule Clay Week for this time of year since Spring Break is just around the corner.  I thought this would be perfect timing, as obviously the clay projects need to dry for a bit before the week of firing begins.

In preparation for classes, each table has placemats, palettes of slip, pencils, paper plates for finished pieces, and step-by-step directions (with visual representation) for making a Pinch Pot.  To further protect the art tables, I also wrapped each table with a plastic party table cloth.

Above is a photo of some of my clay samples from K-5 grade levels demonstrations.  All projects, with the exception of the coiled snake, begin with the age old Pinch Pot.  Cats, dogs, turtles, fish, frogs, and monsters are among the projects created!

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