Saturday, March 2, 2013

Incorporating Technology into the Art Room

Kids these days are so tech savvy and sometimes I feel so behind!  In the elementary art room I feel that I should take care and not go overboard with the allure of technology, as I don't want to sacrifice the kinetic hands-on approach to art that this age needs.  
The technology tools that I use the most in my classroom are the Elmo document camera, SmartBoard, and projector for PowerPoint presentations.  I have a PowerPoint with most of my lessons to use during introductions to each project.  Something else that I absolutely love x3 is my iPad!  I have found so many fun and exciting art apps through Apple and think you might find most of them addicting too:

1. AppsGoneFree- This is a fantastic (and free) app that shows you a list of cool apps that have gone free.  Most of the iPhone/iPad apps it shows are only free for that day, sometimes for the entire week. Apps range from educational games to exercise schedules to Angry Birds, and everything else in between.  AppsGoneFree has free apps for iPhone and as well as iPads, this is a must have!  

2. Hello Crayon- Fun and interactive art app that lets you create and save your work.  If you like this, you should also check out Hello Chalk and Hello Color Pencil!

3. Let's Create! Pottery HD- Exciting and interactive app that takes you into the world of sculpture and ceramics.  You can create your own clay pieces on the wheel or try to replicate others in "commissioned" pieces. There is a free version if you want to try that first.. Let's Create Pottery HD Lite

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