Friday, September 5, 2014

Fifth Grade 12 'Hue' Color Wheels

Greetings all! The first big project for fifth graders this year is all about color mixing and color theory.. we talk about Hue, Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, Complimentary Colors, Value, etc. Oh, and since it's painting and mixing and then more painting and mixing… They. Love. It!

Getting Started:
We started with a 12"x12" piece of 90lb drawing paper.
Students use rulers to separate the paper into 4 equal sections (6"x6" each).
Using a straight edge, students then divide each section with two lines (creating 3 sections per square).
In total they should now have 12 sections or "slices of pizza."

Plotting the 12 Hues:
With a pencil, we create a "cheat sheet," lightly labeling each of the twelve "slices" with the 12 hues
(y, yg,g,bg,b,bv,v,rv,r,ro,o,yo).
Students begin by painting the three Primary Colors.
Next, we discuss mixing strategies as they plot the remaining colors on their beautiful color wheels!

This project is challenging and so so beautiful upon completion.  The students are amazed that they are able to make so many colors with just THREE paint colors, their Primaries!!  Some got frustrated and tried to sweet talk me into letting them use my bottled green, orange, and purple... but they kept working through their frustrations and were smiling ear to ear afterwards!  Seriously, try it for yourself and see how proud your kiddos are when they walk past their spectrums in the hallway.. 

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