Thursday, June 14, 2012

Left vs. Right

Tuesday I made a bad choice while multitasking and ended up having to get stitches in my left hand.. yikes!  No offense to Righty, but Lefty has always been my go-to in writing and in art.  After talking with my sister and thinking about how to turn my Summertime weekly art lesson into something relevant, I began reflecting on artists who have overcome physical ailments to create their art anyway.  Example:  Think of the inspiring story of artist Chuck Close!
This is what I took into my art lesson with Hursha today.  We discussed artists and musicians whose passion for art and music is so strong that they make it happen no matter what!  Below are two of the images that Hursha created.  As you can see she drew the same design twice, one with her left hand and one with her right. Which ones do you think she favors? 
(Apologies for the inconsistent exposure of the images above, hopefully you can get the right idea though)
This project has so much potential that I plan to adapt it to my classroom this Fall- stay tuned!

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