Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Lessons

Can you believe that Summer is almost over?!  I've had a great time playing with my dogs every day and taking the time to dabble with recipes in the kitchen.. so it's bittersweet to go back to my full time, art teaching position!  

Like all you other art lovers out there, I've also had a great time this Summer playing with lesson ideas for the upcoming school year, PLUS I've been giving art lessons every week to a super talented young artist.  She loves to draw, so I was definitely heavy handed in choosing activities requiring her drawing ability.  Frankly there are too many gems to choose from, but I did want to show y'all some of her work..

Among other media, we worked with watercolor paint techniques (like using normal table salt to give an added texture).  These three pieces above are a few of her creations, I love love love the bold colors and beautiful abstract compositions!

Oil pastels are a tricky medium if you have not had much exposure.  As pictured above, we worked with pastel blending to create lovely flowers!

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