Monday, August 6, 2012

Self Portraits in Water

Instead of a photograph of yours truly placed outside of my art room, I have thought about hanging a self portrait using classroom techniques and materials.  My first "painting" was drawn with a Sharpie marker in a Picasso-esque style, and was partially colored in using washable Crayola markers.  I then dipped a soft paintbrush in water and carefully brushed over each section of color, as if painting with water. (Blast from the past: Remember those cool coloring books from the 80's where you do something similar?!) I love how the markers blend with the other colors to create a flowing effect.
Teachers, think about the possibilities with this medium!
So far it has been a hit with everyone who walks by my art room.
Update:  I have decided that 5th grade will get to do this project, titled Picasso Portraits!

Below is the final product in my Water Painting Self Portrait..

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