Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cardinal Art Club!

This year I am SO excited to start an Art Club at my school!  
I wanted the club to be open for students in 3rd - 5th grades, but frankly, my art room cannot hold as many students as I knew would sign up.  While this is a great problem to have, I reluctantly had to compromise and only open the art club for 5th graders.  In only three days I had 31 students sign up (my max was 30) and our first meeting is next week!

Update: Last week we worked on Tie Dye shirts.  We started off our meeting by looking at the different styles and ways to fold a shirt.  Students got to choose their favorites and practiced folding their 100% cotton tees before the dipping process.  Our school colors are red and yellow so those are the colors of Rit dye we used.  Lucky for us, those two primary colors make a beautiful orange! Stay tuned for more news on the club and photos too..

Update:  Wellllllllll, I neglected to tell my students to let the shirts dry completely before washing, so a couple had more pink than white spaces (oops). They still seem to love them though, and it makes me happy when they wear their shirts to school!

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