Wednesday, June 11, 2014

International Day Festitivities

I have said it before (though a while back) and I will say it again.. my most favorite tradition at my school is our International Day!  Our student body is extremely diverse, we have students from Japan, China, South Korea, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, and more. Our International Day is a special x3 daylong event full of student performances, music, artwork, costumes, country presentations, even classrooms transformed into different countries!

This year the performances were top notch and the "countries" we visited had an amazing glimpse into the life and cultures of the different nations. There were several countries, but for example, the classroom that was India for the day had a variety of tables/stations for students to visit;  Mehndi/Henna station for fabulous body art, Food and Spices station, Music station, Toys and Jewelry station, and there were also parent volunteers who wrote students' names in Hindi!

Above are only a few photos from the exciting day, including my name written by parent volunteers in the India room and in the South Korea room.  Thankfully the decorations and artwork stay up for a while! 

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