Thursday, July 17, 2014

Continuing with Summer Art!

Summer classes are moving right along, full steam ahead.. but we have now reached the point in the Summer when school is on the horizon and I start seeing back-to-school supplies on sale everywhere!  I do confess that I am that person who pinky puffy heart LOVES the smell of school supplies.. I could just loiter in that aisle all day. 

In addition to teaching my weeklong Artist Workshop at our school's Summer Encore program, I have been busy teaching six wonderful artists. So far this Summer we have explored paint, sculpture, charcoal, and paper arts. You can see a few of the projects below, and there are more photos to come!

If you are one of those folks who prefer a list of projects, allow me to indulge you..
Printmaking, Clay Cardinals, Oil Pastel Tie Dye, Marble Art channeling Jackson Pollock, Paper Environments: Desert, Miro inspired Line Paintings, Paper Line Sculptures, and the funky
Abstract Wire Sculptures are among our explorations!

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