Sunday, August 10, 2014

Wrapping up the Summer

What an AMAZING Summer!
We explored Chicago, New York, and New Orleans.. finished our patio at home.. spent time with family and friends.. taught six amazing young artists over the Summer months.. and now it's time for a new school year and a new look, y'all!

My last Summer project with the kiddos was the awesome and abstract Wire and Panty Hose Sculptures!  All you need is wire (wire hangers work well), a wooden block, staple gun, knee high panty hose (don't break the bank, the dollar store nylons are just fine), Gesso, and colorful Acrylic paints.

Step One: Form, morph, shape the wire until pleased.
Step Two: Using a staple gun, staple the "feet" of the wire to the wooden block.
Step Three: Carefully guide the nylon over the sculpture, keeping it nice and tight at the bottom (no rips or runs)
Step Four: Paint a coat or two of Gesso over the abstract form, let dry completely.
Step Five: Paint until your heart is content! It is up to the student if they want to paint their sculpture in abstract designs or if they want to turn them into creatures (I use the metaphor of cloud gazing).

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