Sunday, August 10, 2014

New Look for a New School year!

My classroom has a new look!  Every year I try to change it up a little for the enjoyment of the kiddos.. but selfishly for myself as well.  I feel that if I spruce up some things that I take for granted, or move stations from one side of the room to the other, it will also keep me on my toes!  The back of my room (sink, windows, storage room, and access to the Art Garden) cannot be seen in the collage below, but this is the status of my room as of Friday afternoon.  I dare say that I am ready for my artists to come visit Monday, how about you?  How is your classroom coming along? 

My next bit 'o news is in reference to a new (personal) look!  Tis the season, I got 12 inches chopped off my hair and donated it to Pantene ProV's Beautiful Lengths donation program; they provide FREE wigs for women battling cancer.  Ever since my own mother lost her life to Cancer in 2002, I have taken the plunge and donated my locks.. roughly every three to four years.  It's definitely something that takes getting used to, but it's for such a great cause that I now shudder to think about wasting 8+ inches to the floor of the salon!  Here I am with my new 'do below on our first full day of school (wearing my nicknamed "Helen Frankenthaler" dress).


  1. You look beautiful as does your room :) Love that that a Frankenthaler?!

    1. Thanks, friend! I guess I need to start naming my dresses so that I have an easy reference.. do you have any names for your gems? Great seeing you yesterday, hope you are having a relaxing rest of your weekend!