Tuesday, September 16, 2014

International Dot Day

September 15th is/was Dot Day, a day of everything dots inspired by Peter H. Reynolds charming book, The Dot!  I got a late start on Dot Day art this year, but am hopeful to go all out like my bud Cassie next year (she is fabulous and you may have seen her crazy awesome site). 
During the first weeks of school, Kindergarten is working with their coordination and simple processes in the art room;

After reading The Dot, students painted a round paper plate 
with Tempera paints.  Once dry, we talked about printmaking 
and students used everyday objects (cardboard tubes and 
short, stubby pencils) as circular/dot stamps on top 
of their painted plates.

Fifth grade Art Club started last week and their first project was making oil pastel concentric circles;

First, each student creates a color scheme (we talked about the 
color wheel and to be cautious of combining colors 
that make brown) as they draw/color concentric colors. 

Next, students used their fingers to pull and blend the 
colors together as they rotated the paper, creating somewhat of a 
Tie Dye effect.  

These would look gorgeous on a larger scale or in multiples channeling Wassily Kandinsky (!!).  For Art Club though, we used 6"x6" squares to fit between the Kindergarten dots already mounted on the wall.

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