Sunday, September 21, 2014

Warm Fuzzies and Fan Mail

Ever had one of those exhausting days at work, when at the end you feel 100% drained?  I think in any field of work this type of day is normal every now and then.  A couple of years ago, I started putting together a binder called Mrs. Nix' Warm Fuzzies that is full of my "fan mail," notes and drawings from students that stand out as touching and truly special.  
Most of the warm fuzzies are beautiful drawings with sweet notes attached.. others are in the form of personalized holiday cards.. some are snowflakes, origami figures, and trinkets that are collaged on thicker paper.. every so often there is a huge warm fuzzy that I have to crop or fold to fit.. and then there are photographs as well. You get the idea. 
Every time I flip through this binder I feel rejuvenated and am reminded of how much of a difference I am making in the lives of these young artists, even during those lack luster days.  
Try this for yourself and enjoy the warm fuzzies!

Take this cuteness from one of my 1st graders, for example.. 

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