Monday, January 12, 2015

Color Mixing with Kindergarten

Throughout the year I work color theory into Kindergarten lessons, the first lesson after our Winter Break is no exception.  Let me start by telling y'all about one of my faaaaaaavorite books from childhood, The Color Kittens by Margaret Wise Brown.  This beautiful Little Golden Book makes my heart sing whenever I open the cover to the lovely illustrations of Hush and Brush, two kittens trying so hard to make green paint!

I start by reading this gem to the class (using the Elmo is great, as students can see the illustrations while I read).  Next, we talk about color and color mixing.  I then work some magic with tempera cakes/pucks and clear plastic cups with water.  All you need are 3 clear cups, 3 primary colors, water, a paint brush, and a white rabbit (optional).

After my story and demo, it's their turn!
Students get to mix their own colors at table stations around the room.  Purple, green, orange, and pink are the colors they mix, though I have considered opening up the stations to more colors.  Once students paint a section of color on their papers, they use the end of the paintbrush to draw into the wet paint a different type of line.  I keep my example and other references visible in case my young artists need a reminder; zig zag, curly, wavy, horizontal, segmented, diagonal.. you get the idea.  When a student finishes with one color he/she picks up their placemat and moves to the next color mixing station.  Each student mixes and moves to four different stations.  We get all of this done in one 45 minute class.  Enjoy!

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  1. This was my favorite book growing up as a child. My younger sister scouted out a copy at an antique store and sent it to me when I started teaching elementary art several years ago. It is a must read for Kindergarten every year. I'm so thrilled to see other art teachers still using it and to see the way you apply it to your lessons. Thanks for the share!