Friday, January 30, 2015

Good ole Rocky Top!

First Grade has been studying state symbols.. state bird, song(s), flower, insect, animal, etc.  So for a connection in art class, we created Tennessee Flag Collages.

The geometric design of the Tennessee flag symbolizes the geographical and cultural heritage of the state of Tennessee, while echoing the colors of the national flag of US.  The color White symbolizes purity, the Blue symbolizes the love that Tennesseans feel for their state, and the Red symbolizes that in times of war and peace, Tennesseans are true-blooded Americans. Pretty cool, huh?

We start by drawing and cutting out three stars (for those of you unfamiliar with their meaning, they represent the grand divisions of the state; Middle, East, and West Tennessee).  Next, we glue the stars onto a blue and then white circle, representing unity of the three grand divisions.  And finally, we glue them onto a sheet of red construction paper and add the aesthetic finishing touches of a blue stripe and a white stripe!  Tadaaaa!

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